The Secret Garden


Design Time
2 Weeks
8 Weeks
Total Budget

  • pergola
  • patios
  • gardens
  • pond water feature

Because life is lived inside and outside.

Probably one our most popular projects on Houzz to date, this exceptional backyard pulls together the collective expertise of the Partridge team. Taking direction straight from nature, our design team imagined a backyard garden oasis where the lines travel seamlessly between interior and exterior spaces. Because life is lived where you are.



Realizing that life is lived inside and outside, Partridge set out to create a one-of-a-kind backyard experience. Linear constructions like decks and pergolas would transition to free-flowing organic areas as that which is built secedes to more natural forms. This would be a backyard that would draw people together as it drew them outside.

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Landscape drawing

Design Features

With the goal of enhancing the connection between interior and exterior, backyard and side yard, and natural and man-made features, Partridge Fine Landscapes Ltd. drew on nature for inspiration. We worked around one of Oakville’s largest oak trees introducing curved braces and sculpted ends to an organic patio enhanced with wild bed lines tamed by a flagstone mowing strip. The result is a subtle layering of elements where each element effortlessly blends into the next. Linear structures bordered by manicured lawn and carefully planned perennials delineate the start of a dynamic and unbridled space. Pathways casually direct your steps to and from the pool area while the gentle murmur of the waterfall enhances the pervading peace of this outdoor sanctuary.

Landscape drawing
Landscape drawing
Landscape drawing


It takes a certain finesse to assess the landscape and its needs effectively to produce a garden oasis of this scope. Traffic flow, visual aesthetic, and local flora and fauna must be considered. For this build, local fauna such as raccoon and mink threatened the Coi swimming in the pond. Our design team created designs that incorporated simple forms of shelter for the fish that kept them out of harm’s way. Another challenge the team faced involved redefining the deck space, which was little more than a transition space in and out of the house. Partridge put a new patio in place that blurred the lines between inside and outside and transformed the space into a favourite sitting spot. No matter what challenges our team faces, they overcome it with unparalleled skill.

The Result

A relaxing nook surrounded by nature.


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