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Full Circle


Country Elegance.

Set in a quiet country lot, this project exudes a peaceful and serene elegance. The property’s cultivated landscape blends into the natural setting and exhibits strong connection to the beautiful home. Careful planting choices ensure the property looks welcoming in every season.



This homeowner came to us with a wish-list of features for their new retirement property. They were looking for a peaceful and serene space where they could spend time hosting friends and family and feel at home in the outdoors. It was important to them that their property complement and fit seamlessly with the surrounding natural landscape.

Design Features

In our design, we focused on features that would evoke a calming return to nature. We ensured that the property’s natural elements were a focal part of the design and built on the existing look of the home itself.

A large water feature visually connects the front and back of the home and provides an organic unity to the property. Raised vegetable planters were added to allow the homeowners to comfortably garden and harvest homegrown produce. Extensive planting provides their home with a natural and colourful appeal throughout the seasons, while contributing to a classic country feel. The circular driveway, curving around two maple trees, provides an inviting entrance to the home.

Landscape drawing
Landscape drawing
Landscape drawing


An integral aspect of the project was ensuring that the existing features were incorporated into the new design, including the two large maple trees in the front yard.

These mature and majestic trees were an important part of the property’s country charm and our team worked hard to find a creative way to protect and incorporate them into the design of the driveway. Our team delivered a stunning design that stayed true to the client’s vision.

The Result

The perfect country retreat.


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