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Golfer's Haven


A modern space for enjoying your passion.

Drawing inspiration from the home’s new exterior, our team designed the perfect backyard paradise for a golfer to work on his short game. Contrasting shades created a bold and modern landscape where the homeowners always feel at home.



Clean crisp lines, dark materials, and effective landscape lighting modernized the home’s landscape, while a new cabana and a backyard putting green transformed it into the perfect haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Design Features

The goal of this project was to update the home’s landscape to match its recent exterior renovations. While the highlight was the addition of a backyard putting green, the project comprised additional updates to both the front and back yard.

The home’s deteriorating front walkway was replaced with wide pavers, retaining walls, and raised garden beds, styled to match the new exterior. Landscape lighting was installed in the backyard to illuminate the new putting green, and a raised cabana and pavilion was connected to the existing outdoor kitchen, creating the ultimate hosting space.

Landscape drawing
Landscape drawing
Landscape drawing


This home north of Toronto was in need of a landscaping update to match its newly refreshed style. In addition, the homeowners wanted to address several existing issues with the property.

Our team faced a range of challenges on this project: a deteriorating front walkway, draining issues caused by the existing inground pool, a shortage of entertainment space, and insufficient lighting in the backyard. Our team’s creativity and careful problem-solving allowed us to deliver a design that ticked every box on the client’s wish-list.

The Result

The perfect place to entertain or enjoy your passion.


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