Warranty Terms

Partridge Fine Landscapes offers the following warranty conditions for all projects. The warranty period begins at substantial completion of a project.  Accounts must be paid in full before warranty obligations can be honoured. Overdue accounts beyond 60 days will forfeit any future warranty rights.


Plant Warranty Terms

Trees & Shrubs :

one (1)-year, one (1) time replacement warranty included

  • The warranty covers the cost of the plants only. Labour will be charged on an hourly basis at the prevailing labour rate.


Perennials, Grasses & Groundcovers:

No warranty provided

  • There is no warranty for these because they are susceptilbe to environmental factors beyond our control, especially in the first year of establishment. A short period of lack of watering or an espescially harsh winter could be detrimental to these plants.
  • It is recommend to mulch around these type of plants to limit water loss and insulate during winter.


Planting Warranty Limitations:

  • plants installed without an irrigation system are not covered under our warranty
  • transplanted material is not guaranteed and is not covered under our warranty
  • plant material that has not been cared for properly including, but not limited to, either a water deficiency or overwatering and/or a lack of a proper care and cultivation programme will void our warranty
  • garden soil caution:  Partridge uses triple mix planting medium supplied in bulk and, while weed seeds are reduced compared to other types of soil, weeds are still possible
  • We will not replace any plant material that is damaged/died caused by factors beyond our control including, but not limited to: weather damage, invasive insect damage, or change requests based on aesthetic appeal.

Warranty replacements will be supplied at the size originally provided. You may opt for a larger size if available at an extra cost. Large trees may not be possible due to access restriction. 

Plants excluded from Warranty Coverage:

  • Cedar Trees, Boxwood shrubs, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, 

Hardscape Warranty

Hardscape installations come with a three (3) year limited warranty.

Typical issues that are covered:

  • settling of pavers
  • shifting and cracking of pavers/steps/rocks
  • damaged caused by freeze/thaw


Hardscape Warranty Limitations:

  • Partridge uses a wide variety of natural products – these products have variations in colour, texture, grain, and surface porosity, surface undulation – these variations are not defects and do not come under our warranty
  • Partridge is not responsible for damages to selected materials such as staining, discolouring, efflorescence, cracking, chipping, changes in shape (for instance – in wood) after installation
  • natural stone and boulders are subject to cracking and fissures and this is normal to this product
  • natural mineral deposits can occur in some stone selections and can cause rusty coloured spots during the oxidation process – these spots are naturally occurring and usually fade with time
  • hairline cracks in poured concrete are normal and common to this product
  • poured concrete, mortar, and precast pavers are adversely affected by salt, urea, and calcium products: use of these products will void your warranty
    • we recommend the use of plain sand along with brooms and plastic shovels to control and to remove snow and ice
  • damage caused by foundation leaks, sewer backups, or leaks from existing plumbing installations
  • damage caused by incorrect or insufficient foundation waterproofing, damaged pumps, overflowing eaves, or plugged drainage systems 
  • eavestroughs that have been connected to an underground drainage system will need to be disconnected and allowed to drain on the surface during the winter and early spring months and PFL is not responsible for any damages caused by not doing so
  • settlement caused by sub-surface disruption beyond the control of Partridge such as settlement along foundations of a new house
  • cracking and/or staining of solid surface counters, installed by us, caused by excessive heat or abrasive cleaners
  • plumbing and/or wiring damage by rodents or insects
  • replacement light bulbs and fuses
  • automation system configurations due to power failures, power surges, or user re-configuration
  • alterations, deletions, or additions to the residence done by the homeowner or his/her agent outside the control of Partridge
Material and Labour cost for all valid warranty issues are included and covered with the warranty obligations.

Woodwork Warranty

Woodworking installations come with a three (3) year limited warranty.

Any unexpected product failure or workmanship issues are generally covered.

Woodwork Warranty Limitations:

  • shrinkage and minor cracking and knots are to be expected to all lumber and are normal to this product
  • we select lumber by hand whenever possible and will have some excess material delivered to the site so we can select the best material and have the sub-par material returned
  • leaves and rusting metal can cause staining on some decking material – often these stains can be cleaned with a chemical solution but it is better to keep decking free and clear of organic material and rusting metal to avoid attempting to clean it

Water Features

Water Feature installations come with a three (3) year limited warranty.

Water Feature Warranty Limitations:

  • water features require winterizing each year – each feature will have specific instructions
  • pumps must be cared for as per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • failure to properly winterize your water feature will void the warranty on the water feature and its plumbing components
  • we can instruct you on the procedure to winterize your water feature or we can provide this service at additional cost
  • improper winterization of exterior faucets
  • plumbing fixture damage due to hard water and/or the use of abrasive or chemical cleaners

Specialty Products Warranty

Partridge is not liable for products or services where a separate warranty is being offered. We will help to arrange for warranty repair or replacement but will not be financially responsible for the warranty item.

  • this can include, but is not limited to, appliances, pumps, pre-fabricated products, barbecues, fireplaces, etc.
  • all appliances, fixtures, and furniture are subject to the manufacturers’ warranty – it is important that the client follows all care and maintenance recommendations for these items
  • Work being supervised by Partridge Fine Landscapes Ltd. that is specific to an identified professional subcontractor shall be subject to the warranty provided by that subcontractor and is not the responsibility of Partridge Fine Landscapes Ltd. We will however assist to get any matter resolved and any extra costs incurred will be passed on.

We also do not provide a warranty for work installed by the client or the client’s subcontractor(s).

Should the client wish to bring in a contractor of their choice, the contractor will be the responsibility of the client and the client will have a contract and payment terms directly with that contractor.

Swimming Pools

27mil Vinyl Liner: Warranty covers manufacturer defects and original installation defects. The Liner is guaranteed to be a perfect fit and free from wrinkles or punctures after initial installation during the first pool season, proper pool maintenance is required to maintain the quality of the vinyl liner. +20 year pro rated warranty on welded seams.

Latham Steel Pool walls and braces: Lifetime guarantee. For as long as the original purchaser owns the pool. Warranty does not cover corrosion.

Structure: Lifetime guarantee. For as long as the original purchaser owns the pool, the pool structure shall maintain its ability to function as a pool. Corrosion or panel movement over time that occurs for reasons beyond our control is not covered under warranty.

Plumbing: Covers plumbing lines underground (Only if the pool is winterized by the pool installer) – 20 years Pools. 5 years Spas.

Manufacturer equipment Warranties: 3 years (Hayward)